Keep your body healthy, strong & happy

About me

I'm there for you

My name is Dzifa Adjo Akpalu! I am a happy mom,a registered nurse, fiancé to UFC fighter Nicolas Dalby, and a personal trainer. 

I specialize in three areas: Muscle building, postnatal training, and in maintaining a happy and healthy body.

Healthy & Happy

My nursing education has given me a natural understanding of how the body functions, and I understand the importance of having a holistically satisfied and comfortable body and mind. I will guide you all the way to achieve this.

Maternal Fitness

Here I speak from experience. I went through the journey and I can help you be mom-fit!

Me as a coach

Muscle Building

In this area I focus on creating a strong and efficient body with you. You won't be butch, instead, you're going to feel amazing!

Free dialogue and chat

You can always write to me and I will be able to guide you through the challenges you face on your journey. My goal is to create a strong and trustful partnership with you to help you achieve your goal!

Postnatal fit

My journey

Within a year of giving birth, I went from a weight of 95 kg to 65 kg. The journey is great and fulfilling. Already within just 15 weeks I achieved visible results, and I kept setting myself sub-goals, which helped me along the way. Now as a mom, there are still no exercises that stop me in the gym!

For you

Personal health care

New training and meal plan every month, you will never get stuck

Exercises for both home training and in the gym, specially tailored to you

Meal plan tailored to your needs, -requirements and -everyday life

Rich opportunity to follow your progression and share them with me

Everything tailored to your nutritional needs

Set a goal, and keep track of where you are, always

Applying is non-commital


Right now

Do you think you could get more out of your body and feel healthier and happier? Contact me and hear about the possibility of either personal training or an online course.